our menu changes very frequently, here is a list of dishes you may see this week

hog island oyster, kohlrabi kraut & sesame 3
guinea hen dumpling with aromatic broth 3
farm green ‘ohitashi’ with sesame 5
silken tofu with pickled ramps, manila clams & aged tamari 6
cucumber, kinako & black sesame 6
roasted roots with black tahini-chili oil 6
delicata squash tempura with pepitas, black sesame & soy 7
chicories with caramelized sunchokes & smoky date vinaigrette 7
spicy beets with smoked chevre & balsamic-soy 8
duck liver mousse with almond biscuit 8
lamb merguez with long pepper yogurt & zucchini 8
pork belly & pluot salad 8
pork ribs with black bean sauce & black garlic 10
garlic bread with burrata 11
smoked trout-avocado ‘chip & dip’ 12
potato porridge with ramen egg, trout roe & quinoa furikake 12
spanish octopus with creamy butterbeans, green olive & kosho 12

sourdough, sauerkraut, pecorino & ricotta pancakes 7
poppyseed buckwheat-beef tongue pastrami pancakes 10
ham-fiscalini cheddar whole-grain pancakes 12
fried brussels sprouts toast with ‘bagna cauda’ 8
lamb tartare with beet-caper kraut toast 9

CA state bird with provisions 15/30
ahi tuna ‘poisson cru’ with lime pickle aioli, salted cucumber & puffed black rice 18
fresh heart of palm ‘caesar’, fermented spicy jalapeño kazu & pomegranate 16
carrot ‘mochi’ with brown butter & pistachio dukkah 16
red trout with toasted hazelnut-valencia orange-garum vinaigrette 18
chanterelle-yuba ‘all’amatriciana’ with jowl bacon, pecorino & basil 18
‘fried rice & beans’ a la plancha with miso aioli 19
beef & broccoli’ with pine nut romesco & smoked egg bottarga 24


quince granita, tres leches panna cotta & strawberries 10
orange blossom ‘ice cream’ sandwich, chocolate-pistachio macaron, blackberry coulis, orange 12
hawaiian nutmeg-pear custard tart, huckleberries & walnuts 11
chocolate pot de crème, coconut cream, lemon verbena, grapes 12
‘world peace’ peanut muscovado milk $3/shot

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