our friends

The creative & skilled craftsmen who have helped us get this far:

Charles Hemminger, architect

AOCSF, accounting

ACI, general contractor

Alec Bauer, kitchen designer

Charles De Lisle, interior design consultant

Vanessa Yap-Einbund, website design & branding

Matt Dick, apron design and production

Splinter & Slag, carts, trays & tabletops

Amsterdam Modern, mid-century vintage furniture

Jimmy Chen, artist

Caitlin Freeman, cartographer

Cookhouse SF, private event space for test dinners

Ehren Reed, twine art installation

Leah Rosenberg, color panel installation

Terry Chastain, monotypes

Wylie Price, lighting design

Freda Banks, photography

petel, handmade african textiles

Rebekah Northway, floral design