our menu changes very frequently, here is a list of dishes you may see this week

hog island oyster, spicy kohlrabi kraut & sesame 3
guinea hen dumpling with aromatic broth 3
salmon roe chazuke 3
cucumber with kinako & black sesame 5
pancetta chawanmushi 5
spiced pork sausage with long pepper yogurt 5
avocado & tomato gazpacho gelatina 6
duck liver mousse with almond biscuit 6
summer squash with roasted nardello & smoked almonds 6
padrons & shishitos with cumin-goat cheese fondue 6
crispy polenta, roasted peppers & goat milk shepherd’s cheese 7
pork belly pluot salad 7/14
heirloom tomato bay shrimp ‘louie’ 8
chanterelle, ham & fregola summer salad 8
garlic bread with burrata 9
charred octopus with kampot peppercorn & tomato sauce 9
air-dried beef with red chili vinaigrette 9
smoked trout-avocado ‘chip & dip’ 10
coho salmon tartare, cucumbers & kosho aïoli 12

sourdough, sauerkraut, pecorino & ricotta pancake 3/piece
heirloom tomato fiscalini cheddar whole-grain pancake 4/piece
chanterelle toast 4/piece
pickled local anchovy-tomato toast 5/piece
beef tongue & horseradish-buckwheat pancake 5/piece

CA state bird with provisions 9/18
red trout with toasted hazelnut-mandarin-garum vinaigrette 11/22
1/2 dozen cast iron quail eggs with cucumbers ‘à la grecque’ & goat milk queso fresco 14
‘nasukatsu’ japanese-style fried eggplant with miso & ginger 14
fresh hawaiian heart of palm salad with tahini-chili oil 15
kimchi & maitake ‘fried rice’ a la plancha with smoked egg bottarga 16
‘kung pao’ beef tongue & sweetbreads with bacon, nuts & seeds 20
don watson’s lamb with cumin, squid, shishitos & grapes 20

meyer lemon pudding cake, super vanilla bean cream, quince, cherries 9
peach granita, tapioca, earl grey gelée, asian pear & mint 9
pumpkin ‘ice cream’ sandwich, cocoa nib macaron, vanilla chocolate, pepitas 9
milk chocolate crunch, yogurt torte, pistachio butter, candied ginger cream & pluot 9
‘world peace’ peanut muscovado milk 2/shot