walk-ins & reservations
We welcome walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis and set aside a significant portion of our seats every night, including our chef’s counter and several tables in the dining room, for those guests. Upon arrival, walk-ins should check in with our host to be either seated immediately or placed on our nightly wait list, which is maintained at the door.

We book up to 60 calendar days in advance and open one day, every day, on the website in that time frame. Our reservation tool is automatically updated at 12:00 AM PST each day. Please see below for information on reserving larger parties of up to 16 people.

Cancellations are posted automatically on this page as they come in; we do not keep a wait list. Please do check back as availability can change at any time — we promise!

gone fishin’
We will be closed for holidays or private events on April 29th, May 8th, May 14th, May 28th, and June 12th. No future reservations will open up corresponding with those dates.

larger groups
We welcome parties larger than five people to our two new alcove tables: a single table can seat up to 8 people, and for even larger groups we offer the option of reserving both tables. There is a minimum table cost, and a credit card is needed on file to secure the reservation. The meal will feature a set menu consisting of four courses, with several dishes per course straight from that night’s menu. The alcove tables can be booked at 5:30/6:00pm or 8:00/8:30pm. To book these tables, please e-mail and provide your requested date, time and party size, no more than 60 calendar days in advance.